Stainless Steel Cold Heading Wires

Stainless Steel Cold Heading Wires

Raajratna manufactures high quality cold heading wires from 1.00 – 25.00mm with soap drawn skin pass uniform coating & from 1.00 – 10.00mm in annealed condition in various grades.The cold heading wires are manufactures as per ASTM A 493, AMS 5853 & JIS G 4315 standard as well as other equivalent international standards.

Surface finish : Soft / coated

Coating :We are using coating salts and drawing lubricants from CONDAT and also of Japanese origin (There is no hazardous coating or lubricant used).

We can also supply Copper plated/moly coated wires up to 13.00 mm diameter for cold heading applications. We can also supply shaved wire as per customer’s requirement. 

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