CSR Activities 3

Our Initiatives

Raajratna is pursuing a collaborative approach on biodiversity by engaging the employees and local communities
through various awareness programmes and workshops. The Company’s future endeavors will be aimed at enhancing
strategic partnerships with organisations and agencies to collaborate on biodiversity conservation projects.

Life at Raajratna

We have built a beautiful temple inside our factory for people to worship and meditate in order to achieve a peace of mind.

Each year we organise Saraswati and Maha Shivratri pooja for every member of Raajratna family to celebrate together.

We believe in celebrating the festivals together. Every year we organise events like flag hoisting, holi etc with our employees.

Empowering women by hiring them and providing them a comfortable and safe work environment with various benefits.

Every year we organise 2 tournaments for volleyball and cricket to promote fitness amongst our employees.

We organise blood donation camps to motivate and educate our employees about its benefits.

We have a hospital and ambulance service inside our factory for each and every employee to use for free.

We have built various lodges inside the premises for the convenience of our workers and employees.

We provide healthy and affordable meals three times a day in our canteen which is consumed by every worker, employee and owners as well.

We provide monthly grocery supplies to the families of our workers who cannot afford it and are going through a hard time.

We promote health and fitness by providing fresh and healthy meals to our employees

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have a windmill farm located in kutch, which helps us generate our own energy to run Raajratna factories.

We have a dedicated green space, we recycle the water used in our factories by chemically treating them and using it to water our plants.

We believe that a child’s education is very important and we try to do our part by donating to various rural schools.

Supplying school bags and basic amenities for children so that they don’t miss out on education.

All children have the right to quality education and we help provide various supplies to schools in rural areas.

We have donated 10,000 stainless steel spoons to mid meal programmes in various schools as earlier kids were using their hands to eat.

To prevent animal cruelty and provide good food, shelter and medical care, we give donations to jeev daya and various animal trusts.

To provide awareness about sanitation and cleanliness, we have partnered with ANRADE to build 15 bathrooms in various villages.

We donate groceries and woollen blankets to people around various villages.

We believe in providing a better life to kids and families in rural areas, and continuously donate supplies for their betterment.

We donate monthly food rations to people in need in the rural areas.